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Featured Microbreweries

75th Street Brewing Company

Opened in the fall of 1993, the 75th Street Brewery was Kansas City's first brewpub. As you may have guessed, the brewery is located on 75th street in the historic Waldo District.
The 75th Street Brewery has earned its place in the hearts of beer connoisseurs capturing Best Brewpub honors in Pitch Weekly's and the New Times Best of Kansas City Poll. The attraction must be the warm, cozy atmosphere inviting people of all ages and backgrounds into a friendly camaraderie rooted in the mutual admiration for good beer.

Fans may enjoy a wide range of handcrafted ales including the Brown Ale, which has earned a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival 1997. Bronze at world beer cup in 1998. The food mirrors the environment -- warm and comforting yet exciting and adventurous.

At the 75th Street Brewery, crowds in the lounge and dining areas constantly keep the staff hustling. Red brick walls combine with painted yellow plaster to host a decor that includes hanging beer label posters and long strung lamps draped from the painted ducting. The brewhouse is literally the centerpiece of this operation; it stands glass-walled, in the center of the large split-level room. The brews start life in the second-story loft above the bar, overlooking all activities below. Here the bags of two-row Briess malts are opened and fed to the mill just below. Once ground, the grains are again elevated via a flexible auger that carries the grist across the ceiling and down into the brewhouse. There, the hydrator attachment mounts to the 90 gallon Mash Tun to blend water with the incoming grains. Assistant Brewer Shay Baker reports that city water analysis data is reviewed monthly and normal pH adjustments involve an acid treatment while hardness is tweaked using Calcium Chloride. All brews but the Wheat see a single temperature step infusion mash, the Wheat gets two steps. The Great American Beer Festival gave the brewery the Gold for the Brown Ale featured this month and so you'll have a chance to be the judge! Enjoy!

75th St. Brown Ale
75th Street's Brown Ale is brewed with a 5 different malts including two-row pale, munich, crystal, chocolate, and carapils. The brewery hops it up with cluster hops for bitterness, cascade primarily for flavor and then Willamette hops for their aromatic contributions. Look for a big malty toasty nose in this dark brown, filtered Ale. We found the taste in this beer to liken that of a roasted porter, definitely more roasted than your typical brown ale. Note a toasty nutty flavor, a distinct maltiness and a bit of hop bitterness. This brown ale is more balanced on the malty side than bitter. You should pick up an ever so slight hop bitterness in the finish in this malty, clean finish.

Serving Temperature: 43-48 F
Original Gravity: 14.2 Plato
Final Gravity: 4.0 Plato
Int'l Bittering Units: 18
Alcohol by Volume: 5.4 %

Bricktown Brewing Co.

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City's historic Bricktown District, the Bricktown Brewery opened for business in October 1992. It was recently awarded one of the biggest awards in the brewing business when at the National BrewPub Conference and Tradeshow in Chicago, the Brewery was named the best brewpub in the entire Southwest Region. The regional and national awards are sponsored annually by BrewPub Magazine with criteria for the competition based on local awards received,
popularity and innovation in brewing. "This is one of the most prestigious awards that a brewpub can win," said the Brewery's managing partner Jim Cowan. "We are thrilled to be considered one of the best brewpubs in the nation."

The restaurant still has the original brick walls and wood floors, which help it retain the warmth and spirit of the days of old. Executive Chef Mark Acheson provides "new prairie" cuisine to the hungry beer drinkers who come through Bricktown night after night to sample their fantastic food and beer. For those who want to stay and play after eating, the brewpub has 13 pool tables, tons of video games, and concerts such as Rick Springfield, who will be playing July 22nd.

Copperhead Amber Ale
Bricktown's Copperhead Amber Ale is true amber ale. It's brewed with a combination of two-row pale, munich, crystal and carapils malts. Bricktown hops it up with Willamette and Fuggles sparingly for flavor and bitterness. Look for a pine herb hop nose and some caramel malt evident in this light amber, filtered ale. The flavor on this medium-bodied beer emphasizes a caramel maltiness as well as biscuity notes from the large amounts of munich malts used. Note a malty, low hop bitterness in the finish. Overall, we found it very flavorful, smooth and quite satisfying.

Serving Temperature: 43-48 F
Original Gravity: 11.0 Plato
Final Gravity: 3.5 Plato
Int'l Bittering Units: 12
Alcohol by Volume: 4.0 %

Pioneer Brewing Company

One day back in the Fall of 1996, brothers Jim and David Hellman were in their offices having a meeting. Both were Criminal Defense attorneys at Hellman Law Office, the firm bearing their name. During their discussion, it became clear to each that the other was looking to do something different. With their family having been in the beer wholesaling business for the past 25 years, beer seemed an obvious choice. After deciding against opening a brewpub, the brothers talked about opening a small brewery instead. It seemed crazy to walk away from a successful law practice, but after researching the idea of a brewery, the two were ready to go.

With their friends in the legal profession stunned, Jim and David started closing down their practice and began looking for a building to house a brewery. The two started talking about a building in Black River Falls that they had seen several years prior. The building was a very old, yet impressive three-story building, some 17,000 square-feet in size, with a heavy-duty service elevator, loading docks and large insulated "cold rooms" in the basement. If this sounds like the perfect setting for a brewery, it should. The building at 320 Pierce Street in Black River Falls that eventually turned into the brothers' Pioneer Brewing Company is the original site of the Oderbolz Brewery that operated from 1856 until Prohibition.

Although Jim and David were responsible for getting the brewery up and running, they did not have a lot of brewing experience. To solve that problem, they brought in Todd Krueger from Port Washington Brewing Company. Their choice for brewmaster paid off well as Krueger has produced several award winning beers for Pioneer. Joining Todd at Pioneer is Bret Campion, formerly of New Belgium Brewing and Left Hand Brewing, both in Colorado. Together they produce some of the best beers in Wisconsin!

Groovy Brew Kolsch
Groovy Brew is brewed with a combination of Briess two-row pale, munich and caramel malts. Bret hops it with Perle up front for their bittering contributions and with Spalt hops for aroma. Note a subtle floral hop nose and hint of pale maltiness in the nose of this golden colored, filtered lager. We found it slightly dry, a bit winey and offering a subtly sweet flowery palate. Kolsch beers are typically light-bodied, fine and delicate beers that are well attenuated. Maturation is typically 2 - 6 weeks. And we found Pioneer's Kolsch to be true to style. It's clean, crisp and would pair nicely with anything you could toss on a barbeque. Look for a dry, slightly bitter finish. Overall, a great representation of a style not often attempted by U.S. micros.

Serving Temperature: 42-47 F
Original Gravity: 14.2 Plato
Final Gravity: 4.0 Plato
Int'l Bittering Units: 15
Alcohol by Volume: 4.6 %

Pioneer Lager

Pioneer Lager is a Bavarian Amber Lager brewed with a combination of two-row pale, munich, crystal, chocolate, carapils, and special roast malts. Pioneer hops this tasty brew with chinook for bitterness and a touch of cascade for a mild floral hop aroma. You'll note a Cascade hop dominating the nose. It's both citrusy and floral. You might pick up a bit of nuttiness as well if you're really good. Look for a very well balanced, clean amber lager offering a bit of nuttiness from the munich malts used. This beer has very good head retention. The flavor is somewhat malty and very smooth. Overall, we really liked this fully fermented, clean session beer. It would pair nicely with most foods and is perfect for a warm summer evening.

Serving Temperature: 43-48 F
Original Gravity: 14.2 Plato
Final Gravity: 4.0 Plato
Int'l Bittering Units: 18
Alcohol by Volume: 5.4 %

Ask Murl

Dear Murl,

Here's a brain-bender for ya! It would certainly seem that the little bubbles appear to float up in a glass of beer, but why do they seem to go down in a glass of Guinness?

Oscar Dotson, Lake Forest, CA

Yo Oscamundo!

That's actually a pretty cool question man! Being the lazy ass mutt that I am, I tend to go for the questions that I already know the answers to so that I can save the vast majority of my creative energies going off on completely unrelated tangents. Like the time me and this tuff little Schnauzer named Brock when down to Tijuana for a night of beer, tobacco and fancy women. Man, did we get trashed. I woke up the next morning in the back seat of his Baja Bug with some serious taco stains on my ruff, a lighter with flashing breasts tied around my neck and a fuzzy recollection of being propositioned by either a really scary looking prostitute or a transvestite! But hey, that's a whole other story. And you're more interested in what's up with those Tiny Bubbles!

I researched. I gathered. I learned. I wept. And now…I share with you some pretty cool Science-like schtuff. You're not gonna believe this but there's a bunch of dudes at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, that were wondering the same damn thing! Doesn't surprise me that my distant rellies are focused on such issues of primal importance to mankind! (I'm an Australian Sheppard if you didn't already know). Anyway they simulated the motion of the bubbles using computational fluid dynamics software from Fluent, Inc. and found out that, as expected, most bubbles do move upward! (Whoa! Nice job Einstein! No doubt at a cost in excess of $ 500,000 bucks and 92.3 man-hours) The bubbles in the center of the glass, free from the effects of the wall, move upward most quickly and drag liquid with them. But…the liquid moving up in the center of the glass, having nowhere else to go, must eventually turn toward the walls and start to move downward. The liquid moving downward near the walls tries to drag down bubbles with it. Larger bubbles have sufficient buoyancy to resist, but smaller bubbles (less than 0.05 mm if you got your bubble ruler handy) are continuously dragged to the bottom of the glass. I happen to know that Guinness is often tapped using a nitrogen system which does in fact create smaller carbonation bubbles and also that big creamy head you gotta love! Bottom line? Small woosey bubbles don't float so good baby! Pretty cool, eh Oscartini? I'm outta here pal. That was over an hour of work for me today!


Food For Thought...

Pioneer Bratwurst

Fresh lean, juicy bratwurst with the proper balance of seasonings is not easy to come by. But fear not, with some basic equipment, you can make your own! Tis the season to bust out the BBQ and make your move so get yourself a grinder, some stuff to grind, a little spicy mustard, and do that Voo Doo that You Do!

1 1/2 pounds lean veal
4 pounds of lean pork
1/2 pound pork trimmings (fat)
1 1/2 tablespoons salt
1 1/2 tablespoons mace
1 1/2 tablespoons nutmeg
1 1/2 tablespoons white pepper
2 teaspoons ground ginger
2 cups whole milk, chilled
1/2 cup Pioneer Kolsch Lager
1 egg
15 feet of sausage casings

Grind veal and pork with trimmings very finely. Combine remaining ingredients in a separate bowl, blending thoroughly. In a bowl combine meat with other ingredients using a mixer or large spoon until thoroughly blended. To stuff sausages, prepare casings purchased from butcher. Rinse inside and out under cool water. Following directions on sausage stuffer, gently slide about four feet of casing onto end without tearing. Tie knot to close casing. If you do not own a stuffer, push casing onto a funnel with a 1-inch opening. Fill funnel with sausage mixture and use a piece of clean wooden dowel to push into sausage casing. Fill as evenly as possible. Tie off each sausage by twisting casing every 4 to 5 inches. Sausages taste best if aged 24 hours in refrigerator. To cook, simply grill, boil, or steam until cooked through. Using beer to boil or steam bratwurst gives an added fantastic taste sensation.

Source: The Great American Beer Cookbook; Candy Schermerhorn; Brewer's Publications, Boulder, CO, 1993.

True Brew Facts

MIDWEST BEER NOTES - Ukraine, another former Soviet state, has ended duties on imports of malt and hops, and has set up quotas for minimum imports. The quota for
malt is set at 50,000 tons per year; the quota for hops is 200 tons per year. Ukraine has seen a decline in beer production of 60% over the past decade, and only 55 of 180 breweries are still in operation at this time. (Italics: Aren't you REALLY glad you don't live there!)

BEER WIRE - Tibetan development includes German Alehouse. In Shigatse, Tibet, China, the inclusion of a casino and a German brewhouse in the Hamburg Beer City, is meeting with "bitter denouncement" from the exiled Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama calls the development the "economic colonization of Tibet by its Han rulers." But according to Nuo Jianrong, the Chinese manager of Shigatse's only microbrewery, German ale serves another purpose. "We're helping the Tibetan people to develop," she said. "The quality of the locals is very, very low. The government welcomes us -- but ordinary people have a very low level of culture. Of course, their thought processes are much less complicated than ours." (Italics: We love to promote beer, but gotta side with the Dalai Lama on this one!)

REAL BEER PAGE realbeer. com - Bud takes Budvar to court in Hong Kong! Film at Eleven. In the latest round of the ongoing battle between Budweiser and Budvar, American-based Anheuser Busch has taken Czech-owned Budejovicky Budvar to court in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Sunday Morning Post reported that A-B said in court papers that Budejovicky Budvar beer had infringed on the Budweiser trademark since Budejovicky is the Czech word for Budweiser. The U.S. brewer is seeking a court order to have the Czech company's products taken off the shelves in Hong Kong, the report said. Anheuser-Busch has launched similar lawsuits in Europe and the United
States. More on the story at: http://realbeer. com/news/articles/news-000197.html (italics: And A-B rep Stan Ribinowitz was overhear to say that the brewing giant plans to file still yet another lawsuit on Budvar, claiming that there 18 yr. Old Siamese Cat and Company mascot, Claude, strongly resembles a Clydesdale and is also therefore another case of trademark infringement.)

Norm's Corner ...
As spoken by Cheer's Norm

Woody: "What's going on, Mr. Peterson?"
Norm: "The question is what's going in Mr. Peterson. A beer please, Wood."

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